Thursday, July 29, 2021
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‘There’s no justice’ – Liverpool reacts to George Floyd case

Local activists have spoken in support of the recent conviction of Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd last May. The murder of Mr Floyd in Minnesota, USA, captured the world’s attention after footage showed Derek Chauvin kneeling on...
Picture of ULV team, taken from official instagram account.

Liverpool team aims for land speed records this autumn

Nine Mechanical engineering students from the University of Liverpool 21-23, are attempting to break two International land speed records.
Police car BMW - image under licence by Tony Hisgett

Arrests made in operation on international human trafficking

A total of 24 arrests have been made after a Police Scotland-led operation targeting human trafficking. Raids were carried out at four premises in Aberdeen and Glasgow, five in England and 23 in Romania.
Donald Trump - US presidential elections - Biden - vaccine - pic by Gage Skidmore, creative commons

US Presidential rivals Trump and Biden clash over Covid-19 vaccine

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been trading insults over each other's position on a vaccine for Covid-19. President Trump again hinted that a vaccine might be available before the November presidential election and accused his Democratic rivals of "reckless anti-vaccine rhetoric".