Croxteth residents said there should be stricter measures in place for careless dog owners in Merseyside, after an XL Bully was abandoned at a nearby park.

Merseyside Police were called to Croxteth Park on March 23 to seize the dog who appeared frightened, the Mirror reported. Witnesses said officers urged them to return to their cars and stay indoors while they attempted to retrieve the stray.

Onlookers said a car had pulled up and removed the dog from the boot before speeding off, leaving it abandoned in the park. No one was injured in the incident, and the animal was recovered the next day from a nearby garden.

The dog has since been destroyed, a statement from Merseyside Police confirmed.

Some residents now say more should have been done to protect the dog from being destroyed. One local said he believes it is ultimately the responsibility of the dog owner and they should be punished, not the animal.

This comes after the government announced new legislation that requires XL Bullys to be kept on a lead in public areas, and muzzled in December of last year.




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