Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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mersey police van

Campaigners say trust in Merseyside Police is low following vigil cancellations

Campaigners in Merseyside have said trust in the police is low following the cancellations of vigils remembering Sarah Everard back in March. Members of the Reclaim These Streets movement believe the public’s confidence in law enforcement to deal with sexual crimes...
Fazakerley Community Federation

New ‘Fed Club’ begins at Fazakerley Community Federation

The 'Fed Club' began last Tuesday at Fazakerley Community Federation. The club is a new weekly event for those who need a helping hand throughout the week with food. Fazakerley Community Federation set up the food drive which offers fresh fruit...
'Just wait' courtesy of Erich Ferdinand (Empty waiting room)

Liverpool charity speaks out as GP diagnosis of depression declines

A Liverpool-based charity has spoken out following a decline in GP diagnoses of depression  in England. The Office for National Statistics published a 24% decrease in GP diagnoses of depression and a 30% decrease of all GP diagnoses in 2020. Mental...

Men are silent sufferers of eating disorders with less than half seeking treatment

Around 1.5 million people in the UK are estimated to have an eating disorder, with 25% of those suffering thought to be male identifying. But research shows men are significantly less likely to be diagnosed or seek treatment. A freedom...
University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool offers the best opportunities for less privileged students

The University of Liverpool is outperforming Leeds and Manchester for accepting students with a less privileged background, figures obtained by Mersey News Live reveal. In their access and participation plan it states that they accept 3.9 students to every one...

“They had to drive home in their socks” British Gas engineers quit after fire...

Hundreds of employees of the country’s largest energy supplier lost their job last week as the company tried to change contracts and pushed through controversial proposals. 7,500 service engineers have been affected by British Gas’ new contracts, which asked workers...
oap crimes

Dramatic rise in OAP criminals as cases almost triple in four years

Exclusive Crimes committed by OAPs in Merseyside have almost tripled in four years - with the region’s oldest crook aged 98! A Merseynewslive freedom of information request reveals the number of crimes committed by those aged 65+ has increased from 558 in 2016 to 1,520 in 2020.
Liverpool Cathedral

Thefts targeting Liverpool churches at a five-year low

Thefts targeting churches and religious buildings in Liverpool are at a five-year low according to Merseyside Police statistics. A freedom of information request reveals thefts from churches hit a five year low from January 2020 to February 2021. A total of...
Guild of Students

Socialist Students keep up pressure on universities over education fees

Socialist Students have continued to keep up pressure on universities in Britain following their nationwide education fees protests. The group organised campaign stalls and open-air meetings in 26 universities across the country last week. They believe the delays in the return...

Merseyside’s youth knife crime: ‘We would be petrified if we got a true picture’

A violence prevention expert has raised concern over growing levels of knife crime amongst young people in Merseyside. Alan Walsh, a youth worker specialising in knife crime in Liverpool says the lockdown may have made the problem worse. Alan has dealt...