A redevelopment project has begun at Bronte Youth Club in the city centre of Liverpool.

The club is located on Trowbridge Street and for many years was the heart of the local community.

Harrison Stringfellow are the architects behind the redevelopment and say they have “a vision to re-establish The Bronte as a community hub”.

A render of the redeveloped Bronte Youth Club
An image of the redeveloped Bronte Youth Club – Courtesy of Harrison Stringfellow Architects

Bonnie Jackson, an architect working at Harrison Stringfellow says: “we’ve been doing quite a lot of research into [the Bronte’s] history and it’s got such a rich exciting history and it’s done so much for the community ever since it first opened.”

When the centre opened in the early 1960s it was situated next to the dense housing development Gerard Gardens, one of Liverpool’s most famous estates at the time.
As high density social housing has reduced in the area, the number of regular users of the youth club has dwindled.

Bonnie also says the focus of the project is “upgrading” and “improving” the Bronte to ensure “it can continue doing all the good things it’s done for the last 50 years for another 50 years.”

The renovated site will include a new welcoming reception area, a snug Café space with food and drink offerings, and a main event space which will be the heart of the centre and used for a multitude of events.

The development is being funded by the Youth Investment Fund to ensure The Bronte can provide improved and continued youth services, particularly for 11-18 year olds and special educational needs users up to 25 years old.

Community activities will still continue to be provided alongside the youth club provision.

The redevelopment is due to be complete by the end of the year.

Whilst the renovations are taking place the Bronte team are carrying on their usual operations at Blackburne house just off Hope street.


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