Monday, December 11, 2023
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Green bin from Liverpool City Region

Consumers urged to ensure Christmas isn’t rubbish this year

Merseysiders anxious to reduce the amount of waste they produce this Christmas are being targeted in a ‘choose to reuse’ campaign. This is the first year of the campaign, run by Merseyside Recyling and Waste Authority (MRWA), and the authority...
Photo by Lorraine Pro, cycling in Merseyside

Cycling campaigners call for focus on Mersey road safety

Across Merseyside, cycling is a popular sport with a large number of cycling groups spread across the region. But with the city’s lack of cycle routes and busy roads, cyclists can often feel unsafe. With the growing concern for the...
Becky Whalley at Jackson’s Wildlife Rescue (c) Daisy Walker.

Wildlife Centre at ‘breaking point’ due to hedgehog admissions

In recent years, the European hedgehog has been placed on the Red List of Britain's Mammals. They are said to be 'at risk' by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, due to the sharp decline of the species over...
Image of Communal bins, taken by Georgia Chapman

The hidden dangers lurking in your recycling bin

Disused batteries are becoming a major issue for the safety of bin men and members of the public. Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority say batteries can cause fires if not disposed of properly. There have been incidents in the past where...
Pumpkin Patch Claremont Farm By Sadie Gilbert

Pumpkin perfect way to avoid food waste this Halloween

October is an exciting month for all involved, and the event that demands many people’s attention is Halloween. There are a host of festive activities that bring the whole family together - harmless fun, some would say. However around 18,000 pumpkins...
Woodland image by Marcus Woodbridge via

Forestry project aims to plant 5m trees across Merseyside

An initiative set up to provide woodland for families from urban areas aims to plant 5m trees on Merseyside. With the help of the Woodland Trust and several regional charities, the Northern Forest project hopes to have the trees planted...
Capari and Pomegranate, by Winifred Nicholson © Trustees of Winifred Nicholson

Museums’ upcoming exhibitions focus on natural world

National Museums Liverpool have unveiled a series of exhibitions across their venues which will prompt visitors to reconsider their perception of the natural world. Alongside exhibitions, a rage of learning events will take place across the Spring and Summer season,...

Where to begin when fighting climate anxiety?

The UN has issued a report on climate change referred to as a ‘survival guide for humanity’ as it lays out how the irreversible damages of climate change can be avoided.   The report states that “some future changes are unavoidable...

City’s parks protected forever with historic agreement

Liverpool's parks will be enshrined for the future generations in a collaboration between charity Fields in Trust and the City Council. Under the new agreement by the end of 2024 the total of more than 1,000 hectares of urban green spaces across the city...

‘Save these trees’ petition against park building plans reaches 1,800 signatures

A petition to save trees threatened by building plans near Alder Hey Hospital has reached 1,800 signatures. Residents living near Springfield Park in Liverpool are annoyed at the city council's plans to remove greenery for new paths and buildings to...