Monday, December 11, 2023
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(c) Christmas jumper by Desternie Hills

The good, the bad and the very ugly side of Christmas jumpers

It’s that time of year again, when families throw on their most festive *cough* ugly *cough* Christmas jumpers and take photos in front of the fire.   Whether it's you, your pet, your kids or your “willing” partner, no one...
(c) Daniel Zambartas

Christmas trees: When is the perfect time to put them up?

With Christmas around the corner, many are starting to feel a little bit festive and excited for the holiday season. Putting up a Christmas tree is one of the most beloved holiday traditions. However the question of when to put...
Porcelain Delaney (c) DaDa

Diary of hope shines new light on hidden condition

Liverpool-based deaf and disabled charity DaDa are putting on a variety of performances to highlight talent and art from the disabled and neurodivergent community. Among these performances is the Toilet Paper Diaries, by Porcelain Delaney, at the Unity Theatre...

How unsung hero Mal helped shape the Beatles’ legend

In Ken Womack's "Living The Beatles Legend," the author delves deep into the enigmatic life and untold stories of the unsung hero of the Fab Four, Mal Evans. This is something that he would not have done without the intervention...
Dancing Feet

Time to take dance seriously as a sport, say LJMU Heels

Dance is one of the most physically demanding forms of entertainment - the performers having to train for hours on end to attain perfection. So why is it still not considered a sport? Every part of a dancers body needs to...

Things about Liverpool that confuse me as a southerner

Liverpool is a special place. Everyone will say something to that effect about their home but having recently come here I can say this to be an objective fact. Liverpool is strange in the best way. I’ve lived in Kent for...

Top ten strangest things which were normal during COVID

It has been three years since the UK's first lockdown, and time has flown by. Though it may seem like a lifetime ago since we were all cooped up in our houses, the effects of the pandemic are still being...
Photo taken from Disney -

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – is it really that bad? *SPOILERS*

The latest instalment in the Ant-Man franchise and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, (MCU) as a whole has certainly been divisive, but is it really that bad? The reaction that was supposed to surround this film was the introduction of the...
Train approaching railway station via Wikimedia Commons

Royal Mail and rail services to be hit by strike action

Royal Mail - the UK's largest postal delivery provider - has confirmed members of its staff are set to take strike action. In the lead-up to Christmas, a well-functioning mail service is essential to ensure young children get their presents...

Dramatic way to tackle tricky topic of men’s mental health

Addressing men’s mental health can be seen as a taboo and an uneasy challenge - but with “What He Said”, Pique Niche Theatre Company have managed to tackle these issues in a compelling and dramatic way. The event, on November...