Pint of Guinness (c) Bebe Lynch-Platt
Pint of Guinness (c) Bebe Lynch-Platt

There is no denying Liverpool’s close ties with Ireland, with the connection going back centuries.

Liverpool is widely-known for having the strongest Irish heritage of any other UK city, with an estimated 75% of the city’s population having Irish ancestry.

This goes back to the Great Famine between 1845-1849, where many escaped to Liverpool due to it being the closest port.

Skip to present day and it’s likely when walking around the city you’ll hear an Irish accent, with still many crossing the pond to study and work here.

With such strong connections and presence, there is no surprise the city homes so many Irish pubs – but where can you find the best Guinness?

First of all, what makes a Guinness good? If the head of the pint looks creamy, with the white of it sticking to the glass after being drunk from, then you’re off to a good start.

The Irish stout also requires a very particular pouring method – with a glass tilted at 45 degrees, fill it until it reaches the logo and allow the surge to settle before filling the glass completely to the top.

With St Patrick;s Day just around the corner, here’s the MerseyNewsLive run-down on the top five pubs in Liverpool for a Guinness.

  1. Pogue Mahones

Situated on the top of Seel Street, Pogue Mahones, or Pogue’s, is a cosy traditional Irish pub, with many claiming the best Guinness in the city. The pub also has sourdough pizza, live entertainment, and sports viewing for its customers.

77 Seel St, Liverpool L1 4BB

  1. Kelly’s Dispensary

Located further out the city in Smithdown, Kelly’s Dispensary is a lively local pub offering quiz nights, a free jukebox, and showings of live sport, including GAA.

154-158 Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L15 3JR

  1. The Liffey

A laid-back Irish pub that can be found on Renshaw Street, it has been praised for its iced-cold Guinness. The authentic pub offers plenty of seating throughout the pub, as well as outdoor. With being one of the oldest Irish pubs in the city, it is worth a visit.

43 Renshaw Street, Liverpool L1 2SF

  1. O’Neills

The only chain pub on the list, O’Neills has live music and big-screen sports, as well as an Irish-inspired. Located right by the busy Concert Square, the bar is sure to be a hotspot this St. Patricks.

68 Hanover St, Liverpool L1 4AG

  1. The Grapes

Unlike the rest, The Grapes may not be an Irish pub, but it offers one of the best pints of Irish stout in Liverpool. Easily one of the oldest pubs in the city, it is nestled away by St Luke’s Bombed out Church and has a cosy atmosphere with jazz bands playing on a Sunday night.

60 Roscoe St, Liverpool L1 9DW

Featured image (c) Bebe Lynch-Platt




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