Two impressionist masterpieces are making their way to Liverpool, ready to feature in the Walker Art Gallery. 

The Epte in Giverny (1884) by Claude Monet and Modiste Decorating a Hat (1891-1895) by Edgar Degas will both feature in the Walker Art Gallery’s Impressionist and Post-Impressionist exhibition. 

The Epte in Giverny (1884) – Monet (left) Modiste Decorating a Hat (1891-1895) – Degas (right)

The paintings will be on display beginning Saturday 27 April in Room 10. 

Kate O’Donoghue, Curator of International Fine Art at National Museums Liverpool, said: “Claude Monet’s landscapes and Edgar Degas’ scenes of everyday life epitomise the Impressionist movement and it’s difficult to overstate quite how special it is to obtain these new works by two of Europe’s most famous artists.  

“The artworks will sit alongside works by artists such as Paul Cézanne and Henri Matisse, helping us to tell the story of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism in a way that will no doubt inspire visitors for many years to come.”

The Epte in Giverny depicts a beautiful, vibrant riverside in Monet’s distinctive style. The emerald green leaves of the trees on the bank reflect gently off the surface of a river. The trees beckon you to step into the woods. 

Degas’ Modiste Decorating a Hat, on the other hand depicts a woman adjusting a hat through a shop window. It will sit with another of Degas’ works, Woman Ironing, adding to the Walker Gallery’s collection of Degas’ paintings showing working women. 

The paintings come from the collection of Mary Elliot-Blake, owned by The Montagu Family by descent. They have a family connection with Liverpool, which is why the Walker Gallery was chosen to host the works. 


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