Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Looming Heatwave: Is the UK ready for another scorcher in 2024?

The MET office is warning of the potential hottest year on record in 2024, with ‘supercell’ storms and 40 degree days. What should the UK expect from the elements this summer, and how should you prepare?  The Upward Trend The numbers...

Cost of tipping crisis? Service staff feel the gratuity squeeze

A 2024 survey has revealed that nearly half of Brits (42%) would like to abolish service charge, amidst a growing gratuity lull in the UK service industry, sparking conversations around a 'cost of tipping crisis'. The survey, commissioned by Mojo...

Exhibition of landscapes by “historically overlooked” women artists to go on display at Lady...

Another View: Landscapes by Women Artists opens on 20 April at the Lady Lever Art Gallery. It will feature over 40 artworks dating from the early 1800s to the 1980s by women artists including Vanessa Bell, Dame Ethel Walker and...

Guide dog puppy raisers needed in the Liverpool area

Guidedogs is asking for puppy raiser volunteers in the Liverpool area. Breeding, raising, and training dogs can take up to two years, and the impact of the pandemic is still being felt. The breeding and training had to be suspended for...
Siska demonstrating his work on Port Fiction (c) Siska, LJMU

Global artists commissioned for much-anticipated Liverpool Festival

The Liverpool Arab Arts Festival is returning to Merseyside this summer, with the much-anticipated Port Cities exhibition. The Event Port Cities is an all-new international visual arts project held in partnership with the British Council. It will present a celebration of...
(c) Bebe Lynch-Platt

Luck of the Irish! The Best Guinness in Liverpool

There is no denying Liverpool’s close ties with Ireland, with the connection going back centuries. Liverpool is widely-known for having the strongest Irish heritage of any other UK city, with an estimated 75% of the city’s population having Irish ancestry. This...
Liverpool street scene (c) Sophia Sciolti

Young women feel more must be done for their safety on Liverpool’s streets

Despite recent initiatives to improve women’s safety, many young women still don’t feel safe travelling around the city on their own. Liverpool City Council have been working to improve women’s safety over the past few years. The Violence Against Women and...

From ket wig to mullet: the hair-raising styles sweeping Liverpool

Mullets have made an epic comeback in UK fashion. The trend was started by youngsters but the style has spread like wildfire, to the point where people of all ages are rocking the haircut. The look stems from the 1970s...
Courtney Innes (c) Amy Coulson

Tattoo artist putting the spotlight on endometriosis awareness month

This month is endometriosis awareness month. Endometriosis is a disease that affects around 1.5 million women and those assigned female at birth in the UK. It involves tissue similar to the lining of the uterus growing outside the uterus, causing...
Jonathan Dixon, a butcher at Frank Livesey’s in St John's Market (c) MNL

Merseyside businesses suffer as economy dips into recession

Businesses in Liverpool have been feeling the crunch following the economic turmoil caused by the pandemic and the 2022 mini-budget Last month it was announced that the UK had fallen into recession. Jonathan Dixon, a butcher at Frank Livesey’s in St...