Tonight’s men’s Merseyside derby will be a major event on the pitch, but it is also a key date in Liverpool’s calendar far beyond the football grounds.

Despite the intensity and passion shown when Liverpool take on Everton, this fixture is sometimes referred to as ‘the friendly derby’.

Football is embedded into the blood of almost everyone who lives in the city. With Goodison Park and Anfield separated only by Stanley Park, individual families can sometimes be split between blue and red. Back in the 80’s, Liverpool and Everton fans would go and watch matches together, even sitting together in the same stands.

The notion of a “friendly derby” has also been maintained by solidarity between the clubs in the wake of Hillsborough.  Many Everton fans as well as reds knew people who were injured or killed during the 1989 disaster.

two children holding hands to represent the 96photo taken from Alamy
photo taken from Alamy

Some feel however that of late the mood around the derby has begun to change. Everton fan Rebecca Shaw believes that the rivalry has heated up in recent years. “The challenges thrown in by the players and the red cards given show the intensity of the match which enhances the idea that it’s not friendly”.

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