Protestors (c) Sophia Sciolti
Protestors (c) Sophia Sciolti

Protestors hit the streets of Liverpool city centre in support of Ukraine on Saturday, marking the second anniversary of the Russian invasion.

Hundreds gathered to voice their support and urge for continued aid for the war-torn country. The sombre mood was echoed by the powerful message: “If Ukraine falls today, Russia will be here tomorrow.”

The rally called for increased funding for both financial and military support, but the real message was a call for peace.

Accompanying the march were speeches from various supporters, including Richard Kemp, the Deputy Lord Mayor of Liverpool.

He said: “Since that terrible day two years ago, when the foul and miserable country, Russia, invaded your democracy.

“Our job in this country and other parts of the west is to support your government, so that you can return home in dignity, peace and safety.”

Starting at the Parish Church, the march continued through Liverpool ONE and ended at the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Taras Khomyc, chair of the Liverpool branch of the Association for Ukrainians in Great Britain, said: “Ukraine needs constant support in order to win this war, so we ask to give whatever our government and army needs in order to resist the invasion.

“By invading Ukraine, Russia broke all the international agreements, so in order to restore the international law, Ukraine has to win. That’s why we ask to support Ukraine in its struggle.”

The march was also joined by the Liverpool Signing Choir, who performed their rendition of John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance.” The powerful message resonated with all who joined the protest and spectators.

Ukraine has now entered its third year of war, with still no end in sight for the country.

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Featured image: (c) Sophia Sciolti


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