A pioneering initiative in Liverpool will see women and girls joining police officers on patrol to ‘walk and talk’ and share their concerns about safety.

The patrols will take place during hours when it is darker and fewer people are around.

It is hoped that women and girls will be able to walk through areas where they feel unsafe, however, not everyone thinks it is the answer to making Liverpool streets safer.

Will the scheme work?

Sinead Taylor, 22, currently living in Liverpool, said: “I think walking in Liverpool at night time is a daunting feeling, especially considering the increase in recent crime and the lack of lighting throughout Liverpool”

Miss Taylor is originally from Blackburn but now lives in Liverpool after moving here to study.

She said: “I think the scheme is nice in theory but I feel as though a lot of people will be reluctant to use it and it won’t give them the security they need.”

However Merseyside Police are committed to making the initiative work.

Merseyside police want women to open up

Walk and Talk focusses on encouraging open and constructive converations between officers and women and girls.

Merseyside Police say they want want to learn about any reoccurring themes from these conversations and what can be done.

All officers are briefed before taking part and urged to be open and discuss their own experiences.

The first Walk and Talk event will take place on Wednesday March 29, beginning at 6pm at the Lisbon Bar on Victoria Street.

Merseyside Police were contacted for comment.

To book a place on the walk visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/merseyside-police-liverpool-community-policing-56540742963



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