Liverpool Cathedral marked two years since the first Covid lockdown with a candlelit service.

Visitors were encouraged to take a moment yesterday to reflect and remember those who lost their lives during the pandemic.

The National Day of Reflection saw the cathedral come together with charity Marie Curie to create a centrepiece of candles.

The Very Reverend Dr Sue Jones, Dean of Liverpool, said: “I think it is hugely important to remember people who have gone because if we don’t remember, we forget.

“And also, to remember that we are not actually out of Covid yet. There are still people dying of Covid and there are still people suffering long term effects from Covid.”

She added: “We have got the candles which are set out on the floor.

“We have got the cathedral cross, then there is the circular row of candles which represent the world and then above that, there are hands with a heart in the middle. And so they are caring hands holding the hearts of people, both those who have died and those who are still with us.”

Visitors to the cathedral were encouraged to take a Pastoral heart, tie a ribbon to a tree or light a candle to remember their loved ones.

Kellie Turner, who attended the event to remember her uncle Peter, said: “ I walked here today to do my own little thing to remember him.

“But I think it is an amazing thing that they are doing here, we won’t ever forget the ones that we lost during that time. Just to do something like this to remember then physically, I just think it is lovely.”

She added: “I just think it is something that we all needed and something for us all to come together to remember our loved ones.”

Find out more about the event here…

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