Covid cases have increased by 18.9% in the Liverpool City Region over the past week.

Over the previous week between March 15 and 21 2022, 3,306 people had a confirmed positive result.

This is the highest Covid case count since the peak at the beginning of the year.

Hospitalisations have remained steady among the rise of cases thus far.

Between 13 and 19 March 2022, 192 people went into hospital with coronavirus.

This is down 3% from the previous seven days.

While the cases are increasing, cases this week are still 72% down from the peak Liverpool saw at the beginning of the year.

The peak of cases in the city came in the seven between 26th December-2nd January, when 11,864 cases were recorded.

The 22-44 age group has seen the biggest rise in cases across the region.

886 of cases the last week are within this age group, up 14% from the previous week.

These recorded results are from positive Covid-19 test results that have been reported to the NHS, it does not include positive home test results that haven’t been reported.

Featured image license free from pixaby.


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