Sports and societies have started making their way back on to Liverpool John Moores University campuses.

The Vice President of Activities at JMU, Pedrom Tavakolli, who is responsible for student clubs and societies, pledged last year that getting back onto campus was going to be his “number one priority.”

As for his motivation, he said that he understands how important face to face activities are for clubs and societies as they provide people with the opportunity to make friends for life.

“For me, coming out of the pandemic, it was the most important thing – that they recover,” he added.

With the second semester already under way, Pedrom’s efforts are coming to fruition.

LJMU students competed in British Universities and Colleges Sport competitions after nearly 18 months.

Some 15 new teams entered BUCS leagues, with clubs such as Jiu-Jitsu winning medals at national events.

LJMU now has 100 societies as new ones such as Art and E-Racing were created after the Freshers Fair in 2021.

Pedrom recognises that the process of recovery for clubs and societies is still an ongoing one.

He credits the collaboration and communication between the student union and LJMU as a big reason for the success seen so far.

He said: “I’m very lucky to be surrounded with a brilliant team. It’s a lot of collaboration within the team and JMSU. Communication, I think, is the most important aspect of that.”

Nominations have opened for next year’s student officers at LJMU.

As Pedrom looked back on the past semester, he said that his “keep pushing forwards” mentality helped him achieve a lot of his goals at the student union.

He said: “Looking back at the numbers, looking at the amount of members we’ve got… all the face to face activities and club competitions, I think we’ve definitely hit that goal.”

To those looking to join a club or society at LJMU, Pedrom said: “It’s a brilliant way of making friends for life, it’s a brilliant thing to put in your CV and you definitely do get taught skills for life along the way as well.”


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