The fiasco of trying to get Eurovision tickets has left everyone traumatised.

Good thing there’s a silver-lining, as Twitter was quick to turn the experience into some of the best memes of the year.

Here is the MerseyNewsLive top10.

#10 a passive aggressive “good for you!” 

#9 Ticketmaster have messed with the wrong people.

#8 You’re not cutting the line this time Phil & Holly!

#7 Some people are coping better than others.

#6 Before the big drop.

#5 The fans wont forget this one, Ticketmaster! 

#4 Smile through the pain… 

#3 We all need some tough love after yesterday.

#2 What a sad little life. 

#1 Jennifer Coolidge gives it to us straight.



Liverpool thinks that £380 Eurovision tickets are “elitist”


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