Prices for Eurovision tickets have been called extortionate by some people in Liverpool.

The prices of tickets range from £80 to £380, the latter being the price for the grand finale.

Emma Kristensen, from Denmark, said: “The UK being in the crisis they are, it seems weird that it’s expensive when everybody is just struggling to make ends-meet.”

Emma’s partner, Christian Otzen, said: “I mean, we just had an energy crisis and we have inflation.

“If they put them at that price I think people will pay that have interest in it. I don’t know, because I’m not interested.”

Carouse Bar and Restaurant, like many establishments in Merseyside, have organised Eurovision screenings for those who didn’t manage to get tickets this week.

Dan Macgillvray, chef at Carouse, says they are charging £35 a ticket which includes live music and games, as well as drinks and food to accompany the upcoming Eurovision screenings.

As a solution, local DJ Jack Heaney said that Eurovision should let Scousers in for free.

Whereas former field hockey player Sam Quek from the Wirral took to Twitter to comfort those who also weren’t able to get tickets.



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