Young people across Merseyside are being asked to join a 12-hour dance-a-thon to help raise funds for the £5 million rebuild of The Young Person’s Advisory Service.

This fundraising scheme titled ‘Moving For Mental Health’ began last year with YPAS staff raising £2,293 by running and cycling for 24 hours straight.

With this year’s event being held during Children’s Mental Health week, YPAS, which has three Liverpool hubs, are focusing on the theme connectivity.

Young people and their families are being encouraged to put on their dancing shoes and join the team at their Liverpool South hub.

Janine Pevitt, the Youth, Information, Advice and Counselling Development Manager for YPAS said: “This event is all about connecting to the music, moving your body and sharing positive emotions throughout the day.

Building is more than 200 years old

“Anyone is welcome to come down if they want and just come and have a boogie and move for mental health for as long as they can.”

Due to the city centre building being over 200 years old, a new hub is essential in helping YPAS to continue their work of supporting the mental health and emotional well-being difficulties of Merseyside’s young people and families.

Janine said: “We serve the population of Merseyside and what we know is young people prefer to come into a safe space in the city because it provides that little bit of anonymity for them instead of in their local community so it’s really important that we have this provision in the city.”

“We have been here for 55 years as an organisation, we want to be here for at least another 55.”

The new city centre mental health hub will include 12 accessible floors with spaces being created for one-to-one support, therapeutic delivery and family work spaces.

A total of £7,174 has been raised so far through the past Moving for Mental Health event, a collective of financial contributors and public fundraisers.

The YPAS team are remaining motivated and are calling upon the public to help them complete the rebuild mission as Janine said: “We’re on our way but we’ve got a huge target to meet so we’re really interested to hear from any corporate organisations that have got a particular interest in mental health and of course support from anyone across the city would be truly appreciated and welcomed.

It’s important we move with the times

“It’s just really important that we move with the times and that it’s an attractive building for people who want to come and engage with us, and that it feels safe, warm and welcoming so the building will get bigger but the YPAS identity will remain.

The dance-a-thon will start on February 10 at 10am and will last until 10pm at the Liverpool South hub which will be transformed into a party atmosphere with a DJ, snacks, glow sticks and sweatbands for attendees.

Children under 16 who wish to attend must be accompanied by adults and registration can be completed by emailing [email protected]

To help raise money any donations can be made here
or via the dance-a-thon page here


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