A Liverpool creative group has launched workshops to improve media skills of local people with the help of a National Lottery grant.

‘Make it Write’ is a Liverpool creative group who offers media skills and workshops to youngsters.

They are funding this after landing a £10,000 National Lottery grant and will offer the workshops to those ‘not in employment, education or training.’

The recipients include the disadvantaged to provide confidence required to be able to get jobs in media settings.

Make it Write’s headquarters. Image taken by Sharon Colpman

Sharon Colpman, the executive director of Make it Write Productions said:

“At the time I founded Make it Write, I really found it difficult to leap from amateur to professional acceptance of my plays.

Other writers were experiencing the same issues. This is why a support group like this is important. This way we’re all in it together as creative professionals.”

She has been writing plays for 20 years starting out in community theatre writing.

Sharon’s co-founder Jamie Gaskin added:

“As a child I loved writing stories and as a teenager fancied myself as a comedian. My jokes turned into sketches and I even had a couple of gags accepted for TV’s The Frost Report.

“I met Sharon Colpman who was starting a group ‘Make it Write.’

“As I had some producing experience through ‘Ticket to Write’, I joined as a Co-Director when it became a CIC (community interest company.)”

After recovering from Cancer Sharon wrote a community theatre piece with Stephanie Louise, devised by women recovering from breast cancer.

It was performed at Manchester Central as part of an awareness-raising event. This is the same time she founded Make it Write.

Image taken by Sharon Colpman

Make it Write said they are actively seeking a ‘cross-cultural mix of participants from all classes that reflects the Liverpool community in a positive light.


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