The UK was awaiting another astronomical event today as the country was expected to fall into a shadow.

According to experts, the further North you were, the better chance you would have had of seeing the partial solar eclipse.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon positions itself between the sun and the earth, which causes the sun to be covered.

Partial eclipse
Previous partial solar eclipse over Europe

The next event is expected to take place in April 2023, with a total eclipse being scheduled for 2024, but will only be visible to those in North and Central America.

The following solar eclipse for the UK is expected in March 2025 but experts have confirmed that the UK will not experience a total solar eclipse until 2090.

Today’s eclipse was visible all over the world, however the UK experienced around 15% of it due to its positioning.

The eclipse began at 10:08am, with the maximum visibility happening in London at 10:59am. The astronomical occurrence ended at around 11:51am.

Featured Image from Pexels by Jędrzej Koralewski


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