The producers of new stage show ‘Two Pence To Cross The Mersey’ are on the hunt for an actress to take on the lead role of author Helen Forrester.

The production is based on the bestselling memoir following Forrester’s childhood.

The story explores the hardship Forrester and her once socialite, middle-class family experienced when her father became bankrupt, meaning the family had to move from Hoylake in Wirral to Liverpool.

The Forresters had to rebuild their lives when they were forced to live in a single room following their relocation.

At the age of 14 Forrester rebelled against her life of drudgery and her parents agreed to allow her to attend evening classes to make up for her missed years of education.

She worked for a charitable organisation in Liverpool and Bootle, which provided background for her novels Liverpool Daisy, A Cuppa Tea and an Aspirin, and Three Women of Liverpool.

Producers of the show, Rob Fennah and Lynn McDermott are looking for actors aged 18 or over, to play the role of 12/14-year-old Helen.

The actor must be under 5ft 2in and of petite build and will be required to deliver a two-minute monologue of their own, which should include a very well-spoken traditional English accent.

Rob Fennah said: “Twopence To Cross The Mersey is such a poignant true story and, although based in the 1930’s, it tackles many scenarios people can still relate to today.

“It’s the main reason why it has remained so popular. The new ‘Helen’ will be following in the footsteps of five other great actors who played the role previously so our expectations will be very high.”

Lynn McDermott added: “It is vitally important everyone attending the audition adheres to the criteria we’ve set out. ‘Twopence’ is set in 1931 and as such we seeking a ‘natural’ looking actor.”

The open auditions will take place on Tuesday April 5 at the Epstein Theatre on Hanover Street where registration begins at 10am.

The actor will be required to join the cast from August 22 to Saturday November 12 for the full rehearsal and performance schedule.

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