Pawz in Need, a pet foodbank based in Wirral, is now providing support for animals in Ukraine.

The volunteer-run organisation has been running for three years and providing food, toys, and facilities for animals whose owners are struggling with financial difficulties.

Pawz in Need has already sent off its first load of supplies to Ukraine.

The charity has numerous drop off points across Liverpool and has also set up an Amazon Wishlist to enable people to donate remotely.

However, with the recent crisis in Ukraine, they have altered their online shopping list to help animals who are unfortunately stuck in the war-torn country.

Victoria Thomas, a volunteer worker for Pawz in Need, said they could not sit back and do nothing.

“What’s going on Ukraine is absolutely heart-breaking.

“We’ve always had an Amazon wishlist for the charity, but I’ve recently altered it to ensure we get the products we need for the animals in Ukraine and those trying to flee.”

Stories and images of animals being rescued have been pulling the heart strings of individuals all across the world, with many organisations and volunteers offering their services to help animals in need.

One example is a German volunteer group which has been gathering pet supplies to take to Ukraine’s biggest cities, with one of the groups, heading to Kyiv, already rescuing 50 animals.

Ms Newman added: “We’ve had an incredible response from our supporters. Two huge deliveries are already on lorries heading over to Ukraine.”

More information can be found on their website. To view the wishlist and see what they are aiming to send over, you can look here.



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