A Facebook post appealing for a Beatles fan’s lost memorabilia book resulted in it being found within two hours as the woman who initiated the search praised the ‘Power of Liverpool’.

Stan Cargill, 82, from Halewood, lost his Beatles memorabilia book on Monday evening.

Sally Ayres, a local woman, made a Facebook post at 9.45pm on Tuesday asking for help to find Mr Cargill’s book.

Miss Ayres had met Mr Cargill at The Cavern Club on Monday evening, where Mr Cargill had brought his book to show a friend.

The book is a lifelong collection of Beatles memorabilia with signatures, an original Cavern Club membership card and photos of himself and the Beatles when they were teenagers.

In Sally Ayres’ Facebook post she claimed the book was taken and a young man was seen on CCTV leaving The Cavern Club with it.

Mr Cargill was said to be “devastated”.

The Facebook post was then shared across local Liverpool Facebook groups.

By 10:55pm the young man in the CCTV photographs had been recognised from the post and Sally Ayres was in direct contact with him by 11:30pm.

The book, which was by then in the North East, was delivered back to The Cavern Club.

Stan Cargill (left) with Sally Ayres (right) once the book had been returned

Sally Ayres said: “It was hand delivered back with huge apologies and major embarrassment.”

According to Sally Ayres’ Facebook post, Mr Cargill said: “I’m just glad the lad took the time to bring it back and maybe one day I can buy him a pint and tell him all about why this book is so special to me.”

Sally said in her post: “Liverpool should be proud for helping me solve this case so quickly.


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