A Facebook page set up to help Wirral people coping with depression now has more than 1000 members and is aiming to help even more people this Christmas.

Depression is Real (Wirral) was launched by Ellen Holmes and Cath Dale just two months ago.

They started the page whilst struggling with their own mental health issues, but they want to help other people across the Wirral too.

Cath Dale spoke to Merseynewslive about the goals of Depression is Real.

She said: “We’re still seeing people taking their own lives because they’ve not had the right support. We’ve saved a few people from taking their own lives, and they are now our members.”

Since the group started, it has grown a lot and they’ve gained a lot of support.

Cath said: “The police are aware of our group and fully support us in our efforts to help people.” 

The duo had only expected to gain a few members, but due to Facebook ads and word of mouth they have far surpassed their expectations. 

12 Days of Christmas Competition

In order to help out those struggling this Christmas, the admin team of Depression is Real have organised a ‘12 Days of Christmas Competition’. 

The prizes are geared towards those who are struggling to get household goods. 

Members are invited to buy tickets, costing £1 each or £10 for 12 tickets, to be entered into a prize draw. 

The group will be drawing out a name, everyday from December 13 to December 24. 

The prizes include a slow cooker, microwave oven, washing machine, tumble dryer, three flatscreen TVs and a PlayStation 5.  

Cath Dale said: “The winner will receive that day’s gift, but should they not need that item, they can then choose to donate it to someone less fortunate than themselves and we will deliver it.” 

All three members of admin – Cath Dale, Ellen Holmes and Paul Quigley – have donated to the cause so they’re able to give some of their members a Christmas present. 

They plan to become a registered charity

The page aims to raise the funds to become a registered charity, with events planned in Spring 2022 including sponsored car washes, walks and runs around Birkenhead Park.

Cath said: “The more people we get involved with, the better really.” 

The group has a variety of members, all from the Wirral area, each has their own story to share.

Understanding that every member is going through something different, Cath said:

“If we just help save one life, then we know we’re doing something right, and that is enough payment for us.” 

The team have received so many requests to join the group that they have brought a moderator on board, Jenny Holme, who helps to accept new members into the group 

Cath told Merseynewslive that demand correlates to people’s spare time.

She said: “We seem to be getting more members on evenings and on a weekend when people have the time to scroll through Facebook.” 

Members of the group are inspired to post uplifting quotes at any time of day. 

Cath said they encourage members to post: “Anything that we feel may be useful to our members throughout the day and night, as we realise that not everyone sleeps at the same time.” 

Check out their Facebook Group here.

Encouragement for members


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