After last week’s attack on Liverpool Women’s Hospital, Merseyside residents have been in a state of shock.

The explosion occurred on November 14, Remembrance Day, at 10.59am.

Taxi driver, David Perry, was able to escape the attack with minor injuries whilst Emad Al Swealmeen, the passenger of the taxi, was killed when his device detonated that morning. 

Thousands of people in Merseyside work for the NHS, the majority of which are required to work on site in one of the city’s hospitals. 

At a time like this, the safety of these health workers has been put into question. 

Kath Rochell, 53, is the Assistant Head of Finance at Aintree Hospital.

She told Merseynewslive: “Personally, I feel safe on the hospital site following the attack last week.” 

Since the attack took place, Liverpool Women’s Hospital sought to use its website for hospital updates. 

A statement says: “There is now a Mobile Police Station located on the hospital site and an increased Security presence remains in place.” 

“The Trust has stepped up security.”

Other hospitals in the city have also tightened their security measures following the event.

Kath said: “The Trust has stepped up security, asking staff to show their ID badge on entrance to the hospital and they ask that any suspicious activity or packages be reported to security.” 

In order to prevent similar events in the future, Kath said: “(We need) Improved integration of people seeking asylum and better online monitoring of sites that encourage hatred and seek to radicalise individuals.” 




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