The ‘Fed Club’ began last Tuesday at Fazakerley Community Federation.

The club is a new weekly event for those who need a helping hand throughout the week with food.

Fazakerley Community Federation set up the food drive which offers fresh fruit and veg, canned goods, cleaning products and more.

Fans Supporting Food Banks were there to support the community centre with a van full of food for those who needed it.

The group Fans Supporting Food Banks are a team of both Liverpool and Everton fans who joined sides to tackle food poverty in the city and beyond.

The new club was set up by centre manager Sue Martin who realised during lockdown that many people in her community needed support and food packages.

It was a regular occurrence for the centre to have boxes of food out every day for people who needed it but they wanted to take the support one step.

See how the community centres first ‘Fed Club’ went here:


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