The city is in shock after revelations about Liverpool City Council which has seen the authority placed under special measures for three years.

Central Government will now oversee the running of the council, despite Liverpool being one of the biggest Labour-supporting cities in the country.

People and local politicians have been reacting and questioning what this means for Liverpool and its future.

Many are also shocked at the lack of response from Labour MPs in the city.

Richard Kemp, Lib Dem Mayoral candidate for Liverpool, spoke on the damning report that was released yesterday.

“This is a sad day for our city which the people of Liverpool do not deserve.

“There can be no doubt where the blame lies for the damage that has been done to Liverpool’s reputation.”

Liverpool City Council said they are taking the report very seriously.

Acting Mayor Cllr Wendy Simon said: “We know we need to rebuild your trust.

“A detailed improvement plan is being drawn up and will be implemented in full.”

For many, this response was not enough.

Derek Hatton, Deputy Leader of Liverpool City Council in the 1980s, expressed anger on Twitter.

“The Labour Party has been embarrassingly and disgracefully silent over this whole affair.

“This has nothing to do with local allegations but everything to do with a Tory Government trying to make an example of Liverpool.”

The clear failures of the council were revealed in Max Caller’s report.

He reviewed property management, regeneration and contracts and planning in the council over a five-year period.

This came after the arrest of now ex-mayor Joe Anderson on suspicion of conspiracy to commit bribery and witness intimidation.

He continues to deny any wrongdoing but has resigned from his position.

His bail was lifted yesterday, March 24.

A senior councillor has said: “The report was published yesterday and it was really difficult reading.

“It shows a litany of problems and a litany of serious governing issues.

“I am confident we will come out of this in a better position, we are going to have a better run council at the end of this process.”

Former Councillor Bernadette Turner said: “I was very upset yesterday, I worked my tail off for 16 years for this authority.

“My view as former elected member is that I am actually glad this has happened.”

A Twitter user expressed his anger about the supposed hypocrisy of the scandal.

He said: “It’s totally acceptable to think Liverpool city council has failed it’s citizens, itself and the Labour Party whilst simultaneously think it’s rank hypocrisy from the Tories to be lecturing anyone on corruption and proper procedure.” 

Tom Crone, councillor for the Green Party, reacted on a video posted to Twitter.

He said: “It is going to be extremely difficult but it is an opportunity for change and Liverpool clearly needs change.”

A member of the Labour Party, who wished to remain anonymous, said they are not allowed to comment on the situation at this time, along with other party members.


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