Liverpool City Council is taking findings from the government inspection into its highways, regeneration and property management functions seriously after the report found serious issues.

Government inspector Max Caller found failings in the handling of aspects such as:

  • Land disposal
  • Governance
  • The relationship between elected members and officers

His advice to tackle the problems includes sending commissioners to work alongside officers and councillors and a reduction in councillors.

He also recommended a move to all-out elections every four years.

Acting Mayor Cllr Wendy Simon along with Chief Executive Tony Reeves said they are taking the findings seriously.

“We would like to reassure all residents and businesses that we will take action to address all of the issues highlighted.

“We know we need to rebuild your trust.

“A detailed improvement plan is being drawn up and will be implemented in full.”

Both stated that progress on each recommendation made will be ‘open and transparent’.

They said the plan “includes restructuring the organisation to strengthen our governance and ensure our work is aligned with our pandemic Recovery Pledges and the City Plan.”

For more information about the inspection, visit the Liverpool City Council website here.



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