Liverpool City Council approved plans for a new cultural strategy for the city to address issues highlighted by the pandemic.

The strategy was approved on Friday March 19.

The plan sets out a vision for the creative industry in Liverpool up to 2030.

The council agreed to prioritise creativity as a way of bringing communities together, and supporting creative people in the city.

The strategy also sets out how the creative industry can prepare for potential future hurdles.

Culture Liverpool initially started consultation on the project at the start of 2020.

Following lockdown and the Black Lives Matter movement in the city, they reviewed the cultural strategy in light of these events.

Alicia Smith, head of arts and participation at Culture Liverpool, said: “Creative industries are so important to the eco-system, so it’s really important that we value them.

“A lot of strategies are just a document, I think this needs to be a live document that we need to work with.

“We need to make sure we’re all working together.

“It’s aligned with other strategies in the city, like the Public Health Annual report. They all interlink and that’s the important part of culture. It’s not just in one box.”

You can read our analysis of Liverpool City Council’s budget and how it impacts self-employed artists here.


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