The Licensing Association has criticised the Government’s lack of ‘genuine leadership’ as pub goers may have to provide a vaccine passport.

A review into the relaxing of Covid-19 laws will look at whether people will have to prove they have been vaccinated.

The idea of asking pub goers to show a vaccine certificate was raised at Wednesday’s House of Commons Liaison Committee hearing.

Boris Johnson told MPs that the decision could be left to individual publicans.

However, The Licensees Association believe that leaving the decision to landlords is unacceptable.

Nick Griffin, Chief Executive of the LA, said: “This is not leadership.

“It is fence sitting and will leave the hospitality sector in a very difficult position.

“The key element is genuine leadership from central government, removing uncertainty and ensuring those who work in our industry aren’t faced with making difficult decisions.”

Mr Griffin said pre-entry testing could be used in venues such as nightclubs where social distancing isn’t viable, but bars and pubs should be allowed to open.

“Many pubs and bars have spent a lot of money making their venues Covid secure.

“Why not certificate the premises as a Covid secure one?

“It would be a far easier and less controversial [decision].”

Many businesses feel the vaccine passport sets back the work they have already been doing to reopen.

Steve Lannagan owns the Bottle Room bar and the Copper & Ivy café in Southport.

He said: “It wouldn’t have been so bad if they came up with it a few months ago with the roadmap.

“We would be able to do what needs to be done but to come up with it now, it’s ridiculous.

“We’ve spent a few thousand pounds getting ready so the money would be wasted.”

Mr Lannagan is also critical about leaving the decisions to individual businesses.

“It needs to come from the Government what we have to do, not for us to decide whether to let people in or not.”

Mr Griffin added: “Sadly, the modus operandi of the Government when dealing with hospitality has been to not mandate but to try and please all people all the time.

“Life is hard enough in the sector as it is without heaping more pressure onto those at the coal face,” he finished.

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