Liverpool City Council rules may destroy some Labour members’ hopes of passing a motion to remove the directly elected mayor position in the city.

Following the disastrous events of the week with Labour’s selection of a Mayoral candidate in Liverpool, support to abolish the role has grown amongst politicians.

However, the rule book states a motion can be rejected and not discussed if it is similar to a motion that has been debated in the last six months.

The council discussed the role of Mayor in a meeting in January 2021, and so any motion would have to be substantially different from that in order to be considered.

When trying to change a decision previously made by the council, at least 23 councillors must sign the motion for it to be put forward.

Kim Johnson, MP for Liverpool Riverside, released a statement yesterday supporting removing the directly elected Mayor position.

In it, she said: “The situation in Liverpool since December has shown there are serious flaws with the Mayoral model, where power is concentrated in one person and one office.”

Featured image courtesy of Ruaraidh Gillies on Flickr.


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