A charity named after a Liverpool teenager who died of meningitis has been officially recognised.

The Halle O’ Brien CIC is now certified as a non-profit charity in Liverpool, following the death of Halle at 19.

Halle’s mum Heather Evans, 43, tragically lost her daughter in 2019. She passed away in hospital after contracting Group A streptococcal septicaemia, which caused the meningitis infection. 

Since then, Ms Evans, who is training to be a bereavement counsellor, has worked closely with charities like Love Jasmine, and raised around £20,000 for them, along with £10,000 for other charities. 

Lumiere Love Halle event
Lumiere Love Halle event

Now she has set up her own charity to keep raising money for families in need, inspired by her daughter’s own generosity. 

“I would like to continue Halle’s style in her own unique way, making sure to keep anything we do to fundraise positive and upbeat, always with a smile and a howling laugh. While supporting young people and children we would like them to say ‘Oh Halle O’ Brien helped me out with that and look at me now’.”

The Halle O’ Brien CIC has strong ideals supporting the development of children and young adults up to university age through means such as extra curricular activities and building community.

Heather said: “I believe all these extra things that Halle did, even trumpet lessons, helped her to learn all her development and communication skills. So, with Halle in mind we want to offer others the opportunity.

“We wanted to develop her fund, reminding us of the fun Halle who loved to help. It’s giving back to the community, the response has been great and really positive.”

Heather and other close friends and family of Halle have already held an event with the charity Meningitis Now called ‘Lumiere: Love Halle’.https://www.meningitisnow.org/

Heather spoke of the support she received from charities such as these and is hoping now to help raise even more money for them. 

“It’s so important for people to know that what we are doing is keeping Halle’s presence in people’s lives and hopefully making a difference to them.”

Pictures courtesy of Heather Evans.


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