In preparation for the upcoming Liverpool City Region Metro Mayoral Election, Steve Rotheram is eyeing up a hat-trick of election wins.

On the 2nd May the people of Merseyside will elect a metro mayor for just the third time, after the region shifted to the directly elected metro mayor system in 2017. 

The statistics from the previous two Mayoral Elections suggest Rotheram could make it three out of three.

After winning in both 2017 and 2021, The Labour Party’s Steve Rotheram is up for re-election once again. 

2021 Metro Mayor results
2021 Metro Mayor results. Data from Wikipedia

Rotheram received over 50% of the vote in each council and received 58.33% overall. 

2021 Metro Mayor results Labour in each council
2021 Metro Mayor results Labour in each council. Data from Wikipedia

Labour’s dominance in Merseyside led this year’s Green Party candidate, Tom Crone to say that Liverpool has ”

been a one party state for two long”.

Jade Marsden, the Conservative Party’s candidate in 2021 is standing again this year. She has said that she believes her 19.58% vote share from 2021 is “something to build on”. 

In 2021, Marsden saw most success in the Wirral where she received 29.47% of the vote. 

2021 Metro Mayor results. Conservatives results
2021 Metro Mayor results. Conservatives results. Data from wikipedia

As is often the case in local elections, the turnout for the 2021 Mayoral Election was far below what you would expect in a national vote. 

Turnout comparison between Brexit, 2019 GE and 2021 LCR
Turnout comparison between Brexit, 2019 GE and 2021 LCR. Data from Wikipedia

Despite the 2021 turnout being alarmingly low, it was in fact an improvement on the 2017 election in which just 26.1% of Merseyside had their say.

In response to the 2017 Mayoral Election the Wirral Globe published the following statement: “The shockingly low turnout for the election of our so-called ‘metro mayor’ means the position holds almost zero legitimacy”.

Information on all candidates standing in the election can be found on


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