Open Eye Gallery’s new exhibition called ‘Saturday Town’ will be a photography series by award winning photographer, Casey Orr, who has been showcasing her work throughout the UK since 2013.

The exhibition will showcase young people’s identity and individuality across the North, through different photographs of people in Liverpool taken on Saturday afternoons.

The show will also portray ever changing communities and public spaces through fashion and identity.

Exhibition. Own image


Orr first started photographing people in Leeds and was fascinated by what their styles said about their lives and the communities that they live in.



Casey said, “Over 10 years ago I was in Leeds and I started to see young women with “big hair” and “hair pieces” and they wore wigs. It looked to me like 1960’s style. I wondered what it was saying about our wider culture”.



“Fashion in the Northern cities is so incredibly vibrant. After photographing I realised there was a different dialects to fashion throughout the UK, it’s cities, and towns.”

“It is truly creative out there and it is constantly changing. I want to celebrate and have them seen.”

“I came to Liverpool in 2015 and realised that Liverpool women were doing it different. I love the wild individual style and Liverpool has everything turned up to 11 when it comes to fashion.”

“This city is the spiritual home for the project.”

There will be an opening tonight (April 10) between 6pm-8pm.

“I can’t wait for everyone and see the work. And I can’t wait to see what they wear.”

The exhibition will continue 11 April – 18 May, Tuesday – Sunday, 10 – 17. Admission is Free.

Tickets are available at:


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