According to Hinge official stats, a whopping 90% of the dating app’s users are on the site to find love … but their fear of the word “no” is standing in their way.

Logan Ury, Hinge’s Director of Relationship Science, has come together with Love 8 Connection Expert Moe Ari Brown to help Gen Z secure that first date.

Habits of Hinge Daters

Digital Body Language – or DBL – is what Gen Z daters prioritise in their potential online partner. It is claimed that 77% of Hinge users believe DBL reveals a lot about an online partner.

Hinge stats

Up to 50% of Gen Z users are more likely to delay their response time to ensure they don’t seem too eager, compared to millennial users.

Also, 56% of Hinge users have also admitted to “overanalysing” other users’ digital body language.

Experts say your DBL can be improved by being respectful and direct when speaking to a potential partner and better your response time to matches.

It’s time to embrace cringe culture. Over half of Gen Z Hinge users say they stopped pursuing a partner on Hinge due to the thought of being rejected.

Hinge says they’re encouraging their users to get out of their comfort zone in 2024 and embrace their own relationship wants and needs.

The WHAT ARE WE conversation.

While millennials are more inclined to jump right into defining the relationship in its early stages, Gen Z are not.

It’s claimed that 57% of Hinge users in this age group have admitted to straying away from the “what are we” conversation out of fear it will be a turn-off.

A rise in “situation-ships” and undefined relationships have become common in Gen Z due to this avoidance, with less and less couples making it official.

Some advice from the experts

Moe Ari Brown added: “Sometimes it can feel difficult and intimidating to date, especially for daters with little to no experience.

“In today’s dating world, people often don’t realise how normal rejection is, so it’s crucial you don’t let it prevent you from making a powerful connection.”

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