[PC: Danny Howe]
The M&S Bank Arena was plunged into darkness last night during the middle of the S Club concert, which left many attendees confused as to what happened.

The incident took place last night just before 9pm and the cause has not yet been confirmed. However, @MandSBankArena took to X to issue a statement.

It said: “We will be launching a full investigation. The safety of the audience, staff and performers is always our primary concern.”

Concerns have been raised by locals as this has not been the first time an incident like this has happened in the arena.

In January 2023, the M&S Bank Arena was evacuated during The Darkness’ concert after an announcement came over the PA system stating: “There is an emergency in the building, please leave by the exit.”

Last night, annoyed fans took to X, formally Twitter, to vent about their frustration about the delayed concert.

“This was handled appallingly,” said one music-lover. While another expressed: “So disappointing and makes me anxious for future concerts when it’s clear staff training is an issue.”

Once the investigation is underwent MNL will provide more updates on this incident.

Featured image by Phil Nash, Wikimedia Commons


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