Additional reporting by Tom Mourino

Merseynewslive visited Chester and Liverpool to find out what people were hoping for ahead of today’s Spring Budget.

The budget is focussed on the ‘four E’s’: Education, Enterprise, Employment, Everywhere. Does that match public priorities?

The overall reaction was not too positive, coming after the country has been struggling with strikes since the turn of the year.

From the NHS to teachers and railway workers, industrial action has disrupted everyday life.

Yet despite the disruptions caused, many of the public have been in support of the strikes.

Those we spoke to wanted more money to go into the NHS and schools.

Harry Ellis, from Kensington Liverpool said: “My Mum’s a nurse.

“She has not had a pay rise in forever, so I hear a lot about it.

“So I want more money for those who need it, who obviously need it, like the NHS.”

Dan Freeman, from Chester, said: “I want those who need it to be well looked after.

“For them who are paid the highest incomes, there needs to be more tax to help those who really need it.”


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