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Unesco World Radio Day celebrates the power of broadcasting

Regional and national radio stations have been celebrating UNESCO World Radio Day this week.

UNESCO PARISUNESCO introduced this special day to its agenda after a request from the Spanish Authority Academy in 2010, and it was then added to the agenda the following year.

There is a theme for each World Radio Day. This year’s theme is “Radio and Peace”, the conflict between the narratives of the media.

The aim of the media is to shape public opinion by reporting. It frames a narrative that influences regional and national situations. However, the role of professional radio is to moderate and not to fuel conflict.


In Wales, the BBC marked 100 years of broadcasting.

At 5 pm on February 13 1923, the public tuned in for the first BBC Broadcasting from Cardiff Station. That small station in Cardiff evolved into a national and bilingual digital media organisation connecting rural communities.

It was in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, in 1895, that Marconi transmitted the first radio signals.

To celebrate the power of radio the BBC emphasises five ways radio has changed the world:

  1. A new way of communication

Radio revolutionised the way we communicate.  It used to take days and weeks for the news to be spread out without the existence of the radio.

  1. Wartime broadcasts

During World War Two, radio became the mean of communication not only within the military but played a vital role in broadcasting information within secret locations in Europe.  The PM announced that Britons were at war with Germans, through the radio.

  1. I have a dream

The radio recorded one of the greatest speeches in the world – I have a dream –  by civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King.  His speech described as a vision of racial equality in America. The broadcaster contributed to this important speech, in this way, raising awareness for one of the most important debates of this generation.

  1. Alien invasion

 As a result of a live broadcast in 1938, “The War of the Words” that dramatised a Martian invasion of Earth, many listeners thought it was real and fled their homes!

  1. Music Industry

Radio evolved over the advances of music streaming and music videos on YouTube.  It introduced not only podcasts but moved into the world of music festivals.  The artists praised the Broadcaster’s role that introduced them to the world of music festivals.




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