The Homotopia arts festival is being staged at various venues around Liverpool. The celebrations begin on November 1 and end on November 20.

The activists explain on their website: “We’re tired of being angry. The simple act of living our most fabulous, out and proud queer lives, just the act of being ourselves in a cis-heteronormative world, is a protest.”

Here are the events taking place in Liverpool across the next fortnight.


©Rhiannon May- Homotopia

Please Touch The Art (itch my brain) 

A textile, sensory and immersive art experience by QueerCore artist Rhiannon May. This installation begins on November 1 and will be up for 12 days at the Everyman Theatre.




A Lovely Word- Homotopia Festival

©Peter Scalpello- Homotopia

The already popular Liverpool spoken word night is introducing Peter Scalpello, a queer artist from Glasgow to speak at their poetry night on November 3 at the Everyman Bistro.

The event starts at 8pm and has many open slots for poets who wish to share their work.


©Alexander Grey- Unsplash


Here n Queer

A street art project focusing on bringing queer creations into areas where many have felt unsafe. It is on show in the Unity Theatre from November 16 to 20.


Feature Image- Delia Giandeini at Unsplash.Com


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