A new green wall has been installed at the entrance of Chavasse Park in Liverpool.

Unveiled last Friday, the wall is 27 metres long and two metres high.

It has about 8,000 plants from 24 different species planted on it, which include evergreen species such as Euonymus gaiety, Carex pendula and Carex testacea.

Stephen McIntyre, Principal Urban Environment Consultant at ANS Global, which designed the wall, said: “The plant palette was selected with a lot of care, as the site of the greening is very exposed with windy and saline conditions.

“Overall, a great challenge and we can’t wait to see it flourish over the spring and summer,” he added.

Annually, the wall is predicted to extract about 110.5kg of carbon, produce 144.5kg of oxygen and extract 230kg of gas.

It is also fitted with smart technology such as its own irrigation system and climate sensors.

The wall will be monitored by a team from Mersey Forest over the next two years to evaluate its environmental, ecological and wellbeing performance as well as its impact as a mini ecosystem.

Iain Finlayson, Estate director at Liverpool ONE said: “We welcome the addition of the green wall to Chavasse Park.

“The new green wall will contribute to improving the wellbeing of our visitors, staff and residents which is at the heart of our commitment to communities and the environment,” he added.

The wall has been funded by Urban GreenUP and the Green Recovery Challenge Fund, which is managed by Mersey Forest.

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