It’s Food Waste Action Week and campaigners are aiming to encourage the UK to do more to reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of halving food waste by 2030. 

Love Food Hate Waste has partnered with WRAP to bring us the action week.

WRAP was founded as a non-profit in 2000, but became a registered charity in 2014. 

Its website says: “While governments and businesses have an important part to play, food waste in UK households produces nearly 25 million tonnes of CO2 every year.”

The campaign group investigates the areas wasting the most and partner with business, governments and communities in order to change this.

“Together we come up with practical solutions that make a real difference.”

Here are some tips from Merseynewslive on how to reduce your food waste!

Freezing Food
Image: Unsplash


1. Freeze Your Leftovers

Leftovers aren’t everyone’s favourite kind of meal but you can make them more exciting by ‘pimping’ them our! Freeze the food you don’t want to eat straight away and once defrosted, add extra flavours and turn it into a whole new dish.


Food Waste
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2. Plan Your Week

We know it’s not always possible, but when you’ve got the time, plan out a rough idea of what you’d like to eat that week. Even just having some meal ideas ready when you head to your food shop will reduce unnecessary buying. 



Food Waste
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3. Check Use-by Dates

When you’re walking the aisles of the supermarket, make sure to check the use-by dates of the items you’re picking up. This will help you avoid the risk of buying food which will go out of date quickly. 


Food Waste
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4. Pickle up a new hobby

Fermenting vegetables can be a great way of preserving produce, from carrots to cucumbers you can use vinegar to pickle all kinds of veg. Not only does this reduce waste, it’s great for your health. WebMD found, “Fermented pickles are full of good bacteria called probiotics, which are important for gut health.” 

Find a recipe on how to start pickling, here



Food waste
Image: Unsplash

5. Save your skins

When prepping vegetables, we often chuck away the skins or roots. This is a massive waste as the skin is often the largest source of fibre and vitamins. Make the most of the scraps by bagging them up and freezing them. When you have collected skins from lots of vegetables, boil together to create a super-easy and cheap vegetable broth. (FYI- you can save the bones from meat to add to your broth too!)

For more information:

Visit Love Food Hate Waste here.

Visit WRAP here


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