Liverpool Cathedral has been transformed into a space-themed projection of light and sound this week.

Created by sculptor Peter Walker and sounds composed by David Harper, Luxmuralis have designed an unforgettable lit-up extravaganza in Liverpool Cathedral for ‘Space, the Universe and Everything’.

Visitors to the Cathedral will experience artwork projected onto the building’s interior, highlighting its architecture and its bespoke music.

They will also be able to lose themselves in the wonders and history of space while experiencing something that they never have before.

The artistic collaboration of Peter Walker and David Harper previously brought you ‘Angel Wings’, and will now employ multiple lights and sound displays into the Cathedral.

Peter Walker said: “We want to provide something that is uplifting, and gives people an hour out of that chaos and dark times we’ve been experiencing”

“It’s really to take people on a journey out of themselves as cathedrals were always places that stories were told, so it is to contemporise the experience people would’ve had in cathedrals several hundreds years ago.”

The installation has rocket-ship and disco-ball sculptors, and informing stories about space and the universe through picture projections and sound.

The installation is running from Friday February 18 – Sunday February 27 and you can still grab your tickets here:



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