Renewable energy technology in the UK has been boosted by a new transatlantic partnership headed by a North West company.

Energy group Task Contract Solutions Ltd, based at Burscough, has signed an exclusive partnership deal with US energy company Hover Energy in a bid to generate more working renewable energy for the UK with combined wind-solar technology.

Hover’s Microgrid™ combines solar, wind and intelligent energy storage.

The Microgrid™ is a low-noise, low-vibration and wind-flexible piece of technology that allows it to safely operate in urban areas and will produce more power per square meter than any other rooftop renewable energy solution on the market.

Ian MacVicar, the Managing Director at Task Contract Solutions Ltd, said: “Task is dedicated to transforming the way people and businesses think about their power supply.

“We are passionate in our ambition to help the UK make the big transition and ensure that renewable energy becomes the primary source of energy for the majority, not the few.”

He added: “We are excited about our partnership with Hover, which gives Task the sole UK rights to this proven, intelligent, and market-changing system. We will drive the growth of this game changing energy solution here in the UK.”

According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2020 wind energy generation accounted for 24% of total electricity generation (including renewables and non-renewables).

In addition to Task bringing new technology into the UK, they are hoping to create job opportunities in the North West.

The company said: “The partnership announced is likely to generate UK jobs as the projects roll out, but it is hard to put a number on it right now as we have only just signed the deal to bring the tech into the UK.”

Further details on the new technology can be found here.


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