It’s national Love Your Pets day on Sunday and Merseynewslive couldn’t be more excited!

It’s estimated that around 44 million people in the UK have some kind of animal companion, and with that, comes thousands of stories, too.

We rounded up some of Merseyside’s cutest and funniest pet pictures and stories to share with you.

“This is Spaghetti. She absolutely loves anything plastic and will genuinely sit and lick it for 20-30 minutes at a time. She’s also learned how to open the doors; by standing on her back legs and jumping up like a kangaroo. We don’t know what breed she is because she was originally a stray who kept climbing in our window, but her colours apparently mean she’s rare.” – Marie, Kensington

“Peanut is an extremely lazy chihuahua. I’ve had her since she was a puppy and she’s always love going on walks, but hated exercising. We’d get about half way on any route, doesn’t matter how steep, and she would just lay on the floor expecting to be carried. It’s a good thing she’s small.” – Abigail, Smithdown

“Sandy and Susie are both a little strange. Sandy spends pretty much most of her time digging holes anywhere she can and trying to find sticks that are three times her size. Susie, though, is a little less adventurous. She’s absolutely terrified of anything like the hoover, which is fairly normal…but she’s scared of mops, too. Mops.” – Mike, Liverpool

“Martha is fairly normal, until she gets the zoomies. I don’t know if that’s a dog thing or not, but Martha will go absolutely crazy with no warning at all. She sprints around the entire house, front to back, then up and down the stairs. If you go near her, she crouches at you and sprints between your legs. It’s always funny…until it’s 3 in the morning.” – Maddy, Kensington

“Bosun is just like any other dog. He loves to playfight, cuddle, all of that. Except, when he playfights, he spins himself around so quickly that more often than not, he forgets where he is and ends up running away in his confusion. He also still think he’s just as small as he was when he was a puppy and will relentlessly force her way into any gap he can- even if he can’t.” – Keegan, Kensington

This is my kitten, Mouse. She absolutely loves ice. If you open the freezer door she’ll come running over, no matter where she is in the house, to try and lick and sniff the ice. She’ll even rub it on her back or chase ice cubes across the floor. She also likes to tell the entire house when she’s going to bed by letting out a loud ‘meow’ when she starts to lay down for the night.” – Jake, Wavertree


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