Drivers are still getting used to the changes made to the Highway Code last month, with many road users still not aware of the new rules. Merseynewslive spoke to a driving instructor to find out more.

The Highway Code has been updated to reflect changes in the way we use our roads.

Following a consultation in 2020, several new rules were introduced in January, ranging from rules about pedestrian crossings to the hierarchy on the road

Wirral driving instructor, Peter, said that drivers both experienced and new are having to get used to the new rules of driving.

He said: “Any brand new starters will not be impacted as they will not know any difference, so will ‘grow up’ only knowing these rules.”

However, he added: “Those who are in the middle of their training are finding it difficult to add, as they see it, an extra degree of observation.” 

There are two rules which Peter believes will be the most difficult for learner drivers to get used to, involving cyclists and priority on the road.


He said: “Cyclists going straight ahead at a junction have priority over traffic waiting to turn into or out of a side road”.

Drivers also need to take extra care when entering roundabouts to make sure they don’t cut across cyclists.

However difficult it may be for learner drivers to adjust to the new rules, it will be just as difficult for driving instructors.

Peter said: “Of all changes taken on, expectations of standards for instructors is higher than other drivers.”

The Highway Code changes may impact methods of teaching by driving instructors.

Peter told Merseynewslive that some instructors have road safety concerns.

“Their concern is about slowing down at junctions to allow pedestrians to cross and being shunted in the back.

“This is outweighing the need to follow the rules, even if it means the pupil may fail their driving test.”

Although, Peter says he has a new teaching method for his students to help combat this.

He said: “I am teaching pupils to imagine pedestrians have a portable Zebra Crossing with them which they ‘lay across the road’ merely by waiting at the curb!”

Read the Highway Code here

Find out more about the changes to the Highway Code here



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