As Twisted Sister sang: The Kids Are Back!

Johnny Knoxville and co have returned to the silver screen after a 12-year hiatus with Jackass Forever.

Although older, greyer and their bodies looking a little more creaky they didn’t disappoint. They didn’t hold back, in fact if this was too be their last outing then they definitely went the distance in terms of stunts.

Putting the stunts aside for one moment, it was always the chemistry this group of chaps shared which is the driving force behind why so many people have such much affection for them.

The energy between them hasn’t dwindled in the slightest, if anything the bond has grown stronger.

Jackass was a phenomenon in the early 00’s, becoming part of pop culture in the process. Similar MTV stunt acts have come and gone, the UK’s ‘Dirty Sanchez’ and Finland’s ‘The Dudesons’ notably.

Jackass however seem to have endured. The have stood the test of time purely because of the bond of friendship the possess.

People, particularly those who were teenagers in the early 00’s, identify with them. They somehow managed to make people watching in Europe ‘feel part of the gang’ so to speak.


Jackass advert

Unlike the previous instalments, this time around every cast member was clean. They were ‘high’ on the experience of filming together again. No one optimised this more than Steve-O.

It is fairly common knowledge that some of the guys have struggled with addiction in the past, yet Steve-O doesn’t even resemble the person he was back in the day.

One particular scene that was touching was following a classic prank. Knoxville had setup a ball launcher aimed directly at the portable toilet… enter or exit in this case Steve-O. A ball travelling at 85mph caught him right on the noggin’ but it was Knoxville’s reaction that was touching.

The two hugged and rolled on the floor laughing hysterically, which was the one moment to sum up everything about the Jackass vibe.

Let’s not forget that some new faces have joined the party in Jackass Forever. Of course the regulars are all still there: Preston, Dave England, Ehren and the like. Die-hard fans though may have been sceptical to see how the new boys would fit in to such an established cast.

They didn’t fail. In fact, they passed with flying colours. The standouts being Sean “Poopies” McInerney, Zach Holmes and Rachel Wolfson.

Wolfson it has to be said is potentially the most daring of anyone, bar Knoxville and Steve-O.

The stunts she performed were unexpectedly ‘gnarly’.

In one stunt she repeatedly licks a taser, in another she gets her lips stung by a scorpion numerous times. On both occasions, she barely flinched. Bravo!

It’s hard to choose what the ‘best stunts’ were. The Flight of Icarus, Silence of the Lambs and any stunt involving Ehren McGhehey who stole the show.

Jackass Forever unsurprisingly was dedicated to Ryan Dunn, who tragically passed away in 2011. As a fan it was sad not to see Dunn being silly with childhood friend Bam Margera who was also absent due to his own demons.

While the new faces gave it their best, the movie was still missing that one element. The final piece of the crew… Dunn and Bam.

While it was a great watch, great fun, great banter between the lads it somehow just fell short because two key members of the troupe were absent.

MNL rating: ♦♦♦♦

See the trailer here.

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