A Liverpool social spot inspired by Amsterdam’s famous coffee shop Lost is going from strength to strength.

Recently, Lost in Liverpool has gained a positive reputation, becoming a go-to spot for aspiring musicians and creatives within the city.

With the new renovated and fitted “boiler room” – the performance space for DJs – the lounge allows people to host their own event, bringing a different element to the city.

Chloe Roberts one of the graphic designers who helped developed the idea stated that “the aim is to create a cosy and exciting place for people all across the city can enjoy”.

The venue operates as a coffee shop through the day, where students and professional can use it as a social gathering or work spot.

Then transitions to a bar in the night and venue where people can host their own event or enjoy live music.

Ted Tattum, DJ. 21 said: “It was intimate, warm and hidden away.”

There is a plan in place to open more lounges across the city and in other major cities as the place is currently located in the heart of Liverpool.

for further information: https://www.lostliverpool.co.uk/, https://www.instagram.com/lostloungeliverpool/


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