Vegan campaigning charity “Viva!” arrived in Liverpool as part of a mini-city tour, giving away free vegan burgers to raise awareness of the impact animal agriculture is having on the environment.

Viva!’s vegan burger van has been driving from city to city handing out hundreds of free vegan burgers and a selection of vegan sauces to make the meat-alternative taste even better.

When the burger van visited Liverpool curious shoppers were queueing up for a chance to get their hands on a vegan burger, provided by meat-alternative brand “Taste & Glory”.

The charity’s campaign #VeganNow highlights how switching beef for beans could save the planet and strongly encourages the public to give meat-alternatives a chance as averting environmental disaster requires more than just technological changes.

Agriculture is responsible for more than one quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions: 80% from animal agriculture.

Extensive research by the University of Oxford suggests that If everyone switched to at least a vegetarian diet, which includes eating eggs and dairy but not meat, emissions would be reduced by 44%.

In addition to environmental benefits, Viva! also highlight the health benefits if the whole world switched to meat-alternatives.

There would be lower rates of cancer, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes and strokes.

Viva! have decided that the most efficient way to spread awareness and to encourage people to go vegan or eat less meat is by showing the public how super delicious vegan burgers are.

Will Sorflaten, Senior Campaigner of Viva! said: “We hope to inspire world leaders and the public to change the way they view diet and the climate crisis.

“All major supermarkets have an incredible range of vegan food now, there’s never been a better time – so go on, give it a go!”

Viva! offers a free 7-day vegan meal plan which you can sign up for here:


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