Women share their stories of nights out in Liverpool city centre

Two women have shared their experiences of having their drinks spiked while enjoying a night out in Liverpool.

Neither wishes to be named, but their experiences in the city centre are strikingly similar.

Girl A said: “I was walking away from the bar and I turned my head to speak to my friend behind me and stupidly I had my drink stretched out in front of me.”

She went on to say: “I saw someone put something in my drink and then it started to fizz. I didn’t see who spiked me, but I told my friend and she brought me over to the bouncer.”

“I explained what happened and the bouncer took my drink, sniffed it and said, ‘Free drugs innit?’ and laughed.”

Girl A was very lucky that night that she didn’t drink her drink, but she said: “The bouncer never even asked did I see the guy or if I was ok, or did I drink any of it. Such disgusting behaviour.”

Girl B was in a similar situation the night she was spiked. She was out with all her friends and they did what all girls do, stayed together and watched their drinks.

we did everything right, stayed together and watched our drinks, but it still happened

She said: “I was out with all my friends, we did everything right, stayed together and watched our drinks but it still happened.”

She explains that she was kicked out of the club by herself that night.

“If my mates hadn’t come to get me off the curb after (I was) left to fend for myself, it could have been a very different story.”

Both girls say they were not believed by the bouncers.

Girl A even called herself ‘stupid’ because see took her eye away from her drink for a split second.

Read more about the campaign to raise awareness of drink-spiking.

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