Young people in Liverpool are joining a nationwide boycott of nightclubs over the coming week.

The Girls Night In protest, involving town and cities across the UK from Falmouth to Aberdeen, encourages men and women to stay in, avoid clubs and show their anger at the rising number of drink-spiking incidents.

Liverpool’s boycott of clubs, called ‘Girls night in Liverpool’, will be held next Tuesday October 26.

Tuesday is one of the most popular nights out in Liverpool so the campaigners feel that this date will have the biggest influence.

The boycott has been shared via Instagram, with students and societies listing the dates  their university cities will be joining the boycott.

A petition has also been created to make it a legal requirement for clubs across the UK to thoroughly search guests on entry.

The petition now has more than 150,000 signatures so far, meaning parliament will consider debating it.

Together with a growing conversation on social media, this means further action may be imminent.

Baa Bar, a popular Liverpool student club, has already announced that staff will be searching everyone upon entry, with the slogan ‘No search = no entry’.

Follow information about the boycott on Instagram: 

Read more about the petition to make searches a legal requirement in clubs:

“cocktail party glasshouse bar” by dcafe is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

‘My drink was spiked and nobody believed me’



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